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Air Freight Forwarding

Our company can forward through air transportation all kinds of shipments from and to all destinations. Our well-trained and experienced team strives to find the most cost-efficient solutions to forward your freight by air.

Special Services, Balancing Capacity, Speed and Cost.

Through stable operation and good credit, we have good relationships with many airline companies and first-class agents, we could provide competitive rates and stable allocation to our customers.


We have a professional and experienced air transportation operation and customer service team, we could know the common problems during air transportation clearly, so we could solve the problems in the shortest time.


We can provide also UPS, DHL, FedEx, TNT, etc, express service for documents and general goods. Furthermore, we provide specialized air express service for big volume goods.

Best choice for fragile and sensitive cargos.

Cargo Trust can provide innovative solutions for its customers Air Freight requirements.


Our experience in moving a variety of shipments from large project-oriented cargo to small, fragile, time-sensitive cargo.

Our fruitful association with leading international airlines enables us to deliver the best rates available in the trade to our Customers.


Whether our customers need express services, air + truck combinations, or other optional air services, Cargo trust can combine the best shipping options to meet your specific needs for time and price-sensitive cargo.